Look at this Jack-O-Lantern! Only a sick person would make a Jack-O-Lantern like this, right? Because a sick person did. 😦 Bleh. I have a stuffy head, but that’s not stopping me from celebrating my favorite holiday! I’m not exactly sure what I made, but I’m doing what I’ve never done before, and did the thing where you take the skin off the Jack O Lantern and sculpt something. For my first one, I’m pretty proud of it! I’m going to do this every year from now on!

I love Halloween! When I was little, I think the highlight of Halloween as a kid, even more than the candy, was seeing Mom spending the whole month making our costumes! It definitely added to the excitement factor. I would go to the fabric store with her, pick out the pattern and fabric, and then the whole month was just watching it come together little by little.

Happy Halloween, everyone!