Gold is Everywhere, and by Gold, I mean Art and Beauty


This frame here was a great thing to have fallen into my lap.

I have a couple friends who will be moving to Germany in just a few days, they handed me their cats.

They also had this frame that was given to them that they couldn’t find a use for. “Here, Ashley, you’re an artist, you can find a use for it,” they said.

Actually, it’s a really beautiful frame that I believe would be perfect for my newest project; the painting commemorating my grandfather who passed away a month ago.

As luck would have it, the frame turned out to be exactly 24×36 inches. Blick just so happened to make canvases in that size.


I couldn’t wait to get started already. I’m really happy with how it’s looking so far. I got started on the sky and the water, I’ll give that a few days to dry, then I’ll work on the trees.

My younger sisters have started watching Bob Ross, or, as I like to call him, Sarge, on Netflix. They claimed they only saw a couple episodes as a joke, but the fact that I saw that they were on episode 17 seems to prove otherwise.

Welp. That’s all the energy I have to write tonight. One of these days, I’ll get on a better blogging schedule.

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