Happy Birthday to Me

Hey all! It was my birthday last weekend (turned 25… not sure how I feel about that). I wanted to make a cute little cartoon illustration about it, but I have just learned that my touchscreen laptop doesn’t essentially let me finger paint in Photoshop. Oh well. E’ la vita. That’s life.

I’ve always been fortunate to have my birthday fall either in, or at least close to, Memorial Day weekend, and now that I’m working a full time job, I actually get that day off! I’m spending my birthday in Colorado with my boyfriend, and his family took me out for Ethiopian food, which I’ve never had before, but have always been somewhat curious about, and it turned out quite delicious!

Tomorrow, I’m going to be seeing some old family friends of mine who also live here, and we’re going to make a mirror cake.


We Made Mirror Cakes! Look how loverly they turned out!

So, these family friends, Anita and John, are a couple of the best and wonderful people you could ever hope to meet. They’re fun to go camping with, play board games with, and they’ve also been art patrons of mine in the past.

Me: So… are you need of art?

Them: Are you in need of money?

Me: …yes..

Anita discovered mirror cakes a couple years ago, and it was really nice to learn how to make them. They turned out beautiful… and delicious!

And now, for a more serious topic.

I know for the past year or so I’ve been struggling with what I guess you would call a “Quarter Life Crisis.” Even though I’ve taken great leaps and bounds with my art as well as my career, the fact that I was almost 25, still not having plans on getting married and starting my own family was pretty scary to me. I felt like everything, my life, my job, and so on was stagnant, and my future was uncertain. The upcoming move to Italy helped alleviate that feeling, and just a few days before the trip to Colorado, I came upon this video. It’s from Prager, which I know has a reputation for being right-wing (if you care about that sort of thing), but don’t worry, it doesn’t get political at all:

I don’t know… it was just what I needed to hear, as well as assuring that I was already on the right track my quitting my old job and moving to a different country.



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