7 Day Lazy Challenge: Day 3

This is the 7 Day Lazy Challenge: where I put measures a week ahead of time to wake up at 5 am to do 30 minutes of art while still being as lazy as possible for seven days straight (and hopefully keep up the pattern for as long as possible after that). This is Day 3. Let me tell you. This is the worst so far.

I woke up feeling groggier than the last three mornings combined. I have the feeling that this is the worst of it and it will be easier. Again, I feel as though if I didn’t have the Alarmy app as my wake-up alarm and the 7 days worth of pre hard boiled eggs to conveniently consume, there’s no way I would have gotten out of bed on time this morning.

I also set the delay timer on the coffee 15 minutes earlier than yesterday, so today, the coffee was already done when I woke up!

I must say though, I didn’t feel as though this morning was particularly productive for my art. I spent all 30 minutes on a painting that I finally decided to give up on. I’m not super happy with how it’s turning out. I need to take some better reference photos then start over.

See you tomorrow!

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