Twenty Good Things

  1. Coffee in the morning. My husband made me coffee because I couldn’t get out of bed. Normally I’m the one who makes it. When I don’t, it means something’s wrong, and he knows that. He spent this whole morning trying to cheer me up.
  2. A wonderful husband. For always encouraging me, being grateful when I work hard and do a lot around the house, but is especially patient, gentle, and kind when I’m having low points and can’t.
  3. I’m alive. I have my life and many chances to turn my life and others into something more beautiful.
  4. I have an entire storeroom of art supplies. I buy art supplies like how most people buy video games, books, or clothes. Even if I lost my income this week, I have enough art supplies to make art for a long long time.
  5. I spoke at a summit in front of 200 people, and got lots of high praise for it. Never thought I’d have the courage to do that.
  6. I have wonderful friends. Friends who encourage me to be brave and be happy.
  7. I have a wonderful family. They are honest and encourage me to be smart.
  8. I’ve never fit in to the art world, but I’ve always been too stubborn to let that stop me from making my own art and loving the art I do.
  9. There are video games!
  10. My computer died this week, but my husband showed me how to fix it.
  11. Adults don’t get shamed for watching cartoons
  12. Metal music exists
  13. I have a silly gray cat with no neck
  14. Those “try not to laugh challenges” where you see your favorite YouTuber’s reaction. There’s a sense of joy from seeing someone else’s joy. Especially if their face turns into a tomato.
  15. Beautiful parks. I went to Glacier last summer and it was gorgeous!
  16. I like to think I have enough wisdom to realize I am not the protagonist in a grand narrative. I realize that everyone is living their own lives, has their own struggles, and does the best they can with what life handed to them. I don’t always have that wisdom though. I can’t tell you how many times I keep falling in a “poor me” scenario. It’s really annoying.
  17. How much great art education there is for free
  18. Bacon
  19. Brisk, sunny autumn mornings.
  20. The fact that it’s not important to be happy, or in a state of constant bliss. It’s more important to be content, and to live a meaningful life. It’s okay to be sad sometimes. It’s okay to have days where you’re not your best self.

I made this list because it’s so easy to forget how many good things there are happening when things seem to be constantly going wrong… or worse… nothing is actually wrong, but you’re too depressed to see it if you don’t stop to think.

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