Coffee and Art: The Annunciation

Happy Advent everyone!

I’m a bit pressed for time, but I did manage to draw something today! Yay! Since today’s the first day of Advent, I thought it only appropriate to draw an annunciation scene.

I love annunciation paintings- particularly the various reactions the artists paint on Mary. Very few of them… if any… there probably are somewhere… are… enthusiastic to say the least. There’s anywhere from fear, to contemplation, to sorrow.

What’s really interesting is how the expressions I draw are always different from the reference. It’s never on purpose, but I still find it interesting. In fact, one of the nicest moms at my church at the Christmas Bazaar said my Saint Michael looked “pissed off” as a compliment. ^_^

Below is my reference: The Annunciation by Luca Giordano:

Image from the MET museum