30 Day Lip Challenge: Day 9/Child


So… children’s lips are very difficult. Their heads are somewhat shaped differently than adults. There’s more fat in their faces so it looks like their mouths protrude out more. It’s difficult to draw dimples and not make them look like wrinkles. The key thing here I think is the eyes. These don’t really look like children’s lips, but I have a feeling they would if their eyes were there. That seems to be a common theme. Most expression is in the eyes, so I’ve been finding there’s a lot of information missing without them.


30 Portraits in 30 Days Challenge: Day 2


So, today, still wanting to keep with making copies of paintings with high contrast, I made a Carvaggio copy this time. This is Judith’s face from Carvaggio’s “Judith Beheading Holofernes.”

While I personally, like this better than my Girl With a Girl Earring copy, from yesterday, it’s not perfect, obviously, you look at this and see the original face, and it doesn’t really the same girl.

Here’s some observations I’ve made:

Both women’s skin look REALLY pale. Their skins look cold. Dead even. It’s freaking creepy, man. 

During this, and yesterday’s painting, I realized that I have two cold yellow tubes instead of one cold and one warm. I don’t have a warm yellow tube. Why is this important?

And what the heck is a cold vs warm yellow?

Well, in paints, there’s no such thing a pure yellow, I’m 99% sure anyway. I’ve found that yellow paints are usually on a spectrum of yellow.

Some yellows are closer to orange on the color wheel, and other yellows are closer to green. It’s really difficult if at all possible to find a tube of paint that is pure yellow. So, if you are trying to, say, make an orange, and you mix yellow and red like you would, but your yellow is more leaning towards the green spectrum than the orange, then you’re going to get a really cold, unfeeling orange.

Solution: Easy. Go to the art store and get a yellow from Gamblin’s lovely list here from their “Warm” criteria. I kinda miss Gamblin here in Italy. Their paints are amazing. That’s a pretty nice, warm yellow.

I hope this helps make a better visualization

The Faces Do Look Like Human Faces, but They Don’t Look Like the Women They’re Based On

This was a problem I ran into early on when I did my Drawing 30 Portraits in 30 Days was I would, say draw a picture of my sister, but I would draw a girl that looked her age, but it wasn’t really her, just things that are kind of off that are missing the unique features of an individual person’s face.

Now, one can argue this is fine, they look like faces, so who cares if it’s my own style rather than the Master I’m copying? Well, what if I want to paint a portrait of one of my sisters? And I end up making a painting that doesn’t really look like them? What if I have a client that wants me to make a fake of an old master painting or one of their loved ones? Making a face look like someone’s face is a skill I would like to have.

Solution: I think to remedy this, I’m going to draw an outline of the face for the time being. Maybe do a few sketches of the face beforehand.

So, just be clear, I’m not saying my paintings suck (though, I’m sure they might to some of you, and that’s okay. Can’t please everyone), but with my philosophy that art is a skill as much as a form of culture or expression, it can always be improved on. I feel like I’ve already learned a lot from these two paintings and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s will look like.


30 Portraits in 30 Days (Painting Edition)

Hello, all!

So… I want to get good at painting portraits.

Like REALLY good!

So, being in the city of art and beauty, I’ve been inspired to dedicate myself to doing so. I did a 30 Portrait in 30 Days challenge a while back, and I believe it really helped my skill a ton. Also, I think it’s important to note, that I failed this earlier year’s 30 Portraits in 30 Days as I was about 8 portraits short, so we’ll see how this goes.

I’m going to do this by copying painted portraits first, then moving to photographs, then hopefully live portraits if I can find someone willing to sit still for long periods at a time (even if it’s only myself).

So… here’s my first one. A copy of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pear Earring”