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Pony Tail Falls

Pony Tail Falls. Acrylic. 12×30 inches. $150

So, I’m trying to enjoy a good chunk of home before I leave for Florence in a mon- a month???? Oh geez, that’s coming up quickly.
I’ve been doing a lot of hiking this summer, but today was my first day doing hiking by myself. My boyfriend was supposed to come with, but he got sick. I decided to use this opportunity to do something I’ve been wanting to do for years: go to a waterfall and make a painting then and there. Kind of like in the tradition of the Impressionists.

My plan was to go to Fairy Falls, which is close to Bridal Veil Falls, but… I was dumb, and made the plan to do so around noon, and ended up getting stuck in traffic (by people wanting to go to Multnomah Falls, which I tried to avoid as much as I could) for thirty minutes longer than I planned, missed my trailhead due to the lack of parking, and finally found somewhere to park my car and just go on an adventure.

I ended up not going to Fairy Falls, but I will try to do so before I leave. Instead, I ended up at the Horsetail trailhead instead. I hiked for what felt like an hour or two. It was a more difficult terrain, which was fortunate because there weren’t as many people. I passed Lower Oneonta Falls, but I couldn’t get a good angle to paint, so I hiked on. I ended up at Pony Tail falls, so that’s where I decided to sit down and paint.

I’m used to painting in small increments with some time in between. I didn’t have the luxery. Sitting down and painting in a shorter amount of time was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I didn’t have the time to, for example, if something about the painting wasn’t working right for me, I couldn’t sleep on it and come back to it later. I had to do it all in one sitting. I don’t think it’s bad. Definitely not my best, but for what it was, I’m pretty happy with it. I might go back and add details or something. I definitely still need to sign it.

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Sharpening Your Axe

So, there are two purposes I have to this blog post:

1) To show off my newest artwork:

Everything is better when you add dragons!

2) To talk about this interesting term I’ve heard recently, “Sharpening Your Axe”

So, I was dumb and took 16 credits this term. And continued volunteering at the museum. And working. This has been detrimental to my health, social life, and overall sanity.

Basically, I needed to take a break.

The term, “sharpening your axe” sounded very weird to me. I heard this and immediately thought of something violent, but it’s actually not. It comes from this idea that when I lumberjack has spent some time chopping down trees, the axe get’s dull. If said lumberjack was to continue chopping down trees with a dull axe, then nothing good would come of it. A break is required to sharpen the axe, and then he can get back to work chopping down trees.

Just before midterms, I’ve felt overwhelmed and unhappy. I NEEDED to take a break. I did. I did all the studying I could, so I stopped, I did just what was required of me from school and took sick time off work (I really WAS sick, I promise, but the stress definitely helped cause it. We here at AshleyWestArt do NOT recommend you call in sick if you’re really not).

I spent time on my YouTube channel, my artwork, played games, spent more time with my friends…

So now, I’m more refreshed and ready to get back to work!

Also, I aced my midterm! That definitely helped, too!