New YouTube/Vidme Series: Rome Stories

To anyone’s who seen my latest cartoon vlog, I’m going to be posting a series called “Rome Stories.” This is where I talk about a few choice memories I have about being in Rome a couple years ago as well as probably some travel advice.

This is going to do a couple of things. 1) Help get me excited to be going back 2) Tell you some entertaining stories.

If you would like to help fund my art restoration education overseas, here’s my GoFundMe and Patreon.



What I’ve Been Up To (Warning: Geeking out ahead…)

Merry Belated Christmas! If I had any sense of foresight, I probably would have made a really nice Christmas video well ahead of time and scheduled it on Christmas, but since I didn’t, but I hope you like this little speed-paint Christmas card I made!

Other than that, life has been pretty good to me! Got my grades back from Fall and found I made all A’s! Woo! I was really worried because I didn’t feel like that final in my Asian Art History class went all that great, but I guess that final grade begs to differ! ^_^ Yay!

I’m really happy with the loot I got this year too! I got a gift card to Blick, and some stuff that will help with my YouTube channel as well from my father and my boyfriend. My dad sent me a camera tripod with jacks for smartphones and iPads, which was pretty neat, and my boyfriend got me this really neat mic for my cartoon vlogs!


Isn’t it cool?

Bleh. I’m not getting as much done as I’d like to this Christmas break. I do need to work on my animations more and keep playing with my Adobe products. I finally did some painting, which is good, and hey, I went ahead and made the nerdiest thing ever:

Asari Great Librarian

This is a kind of continuation of my Asari series, for those of you who haven’t seen my Asari Ballerina  piece I made this past Thanksgiving, asari a race of aliens from one of my favorite video games, Mass Effect. Since asari live longer than humans by hundreds of years, and were exposed to things such as music, art, and writing tens of thousands of years before any other alien race in the universe, they became well known for their art and philosophy. Since the character you play is a soldier though, you only really see them as soldiers, scientists, and strippers. I was inspired to make some pieces of asari in more Classical settings such as dance, libraries, sculpture, museums, etc.

When I was making the librarian piece, I remembered that I didn’t really remember seeing actual bound books in the game (there probably were, I just couldn’t think of any), and that by this point in the future, EVERYTHING would have been COMPLETELY digitized, then I remembered that lovely quote from Doctor Who (from, in my opinion, the saddest episode ever).


I started a Patreon!


I started a Patreon a couple days ago!

For those of you who don’t know, Patreon is a website you can act as a “Patron” to an artist, gamer, filmmaker, musician, and other types of creators on a monthly basis. Now, you can fund somebody for a single month then cancel your pledge, but personally, I think they really need to consider doing just one-off donations. It’s silly that they don’t.

I’ve been wanting to start one of my own for a while, but finally buckled down and decided to do it. I think my plan to go to Florence next year really put instilled a sense of urgency.

I’m actually having a lot of fun with it too! I’m looking at the “goals” thing as kind of like a gaming achievement system. I currently have my first goal there for $16/per month for coffee, and when I reach that goal, I’m going to make a series of small paintings made from coffee. This would be a good thing for me too because over the last few weeks I’ve been nothing but school and work that I haven’t forced myself to make time to create art.

I don’t know if this will be a super successful thing, but it’s fun, and that’s the most important thing, I think.

I also started a YouTube channel where I want to put cartoon video blogs kind of like Domics, Vanimation, and theodd1soutcomic. But THAT’S not happening until after this Asian art history midterm. :/ Again, not expecting an overnight success, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years but never had the courage to.