Post-holiday Blues/Upsides of Working Retail

Hey, friendlies!

Blah. That’s just how I feel is blah. This past weekend was absolutely insane at work. It’s this kind of weird thing with retail that we’re all well prepared for the rush before the holidays, but AFTER the holidays, it’s just mayhem. I didn’t change my school schedule for work, and while that may have caused me to miss out on some money, the knots in my muscles are glad I did that. Yesterday, I had it completely off, and I slept in until noon and I didn’t get out of my pajamas all day. I did get started on some artwork though!

“Sea Scapes” Oil on Calcium


My first painted rose that I’m actually pleased with. ^_^

Come to think of it, I may have been a little sick too.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Now that I’ve had some time to recharge. I want to talk about working a “crappy” job like retail a bit. I’ve worked at the same place for several years while going to school. With graduation just around the corner, the increase in irate customers (like, there actually is an increase in irate customers, I thought at first maybe it was just my perception of them after working there for so long, but my managers actually said there was an increase in irate customers), and especially the holiday season really taking a beating out of me, I’ve found myself really not being satisfied at work lately. I used to love it. Heck, even the idea of having employment was enough to keep me going. But lately… that feeling is just not there.

Sometimes I really just want to go home and do art, but I’ve had no energy to. Usually, I would’ve uploaded a couple of YouTube videos by now, but I’ve barely started on any this week.

There were times here and there where I felt like I didn’t care if I got fired, worst case scenario, I just apply for a couple of new jobs every day and have some more time to work on artwork.

And now, for my much deserved slap in the face to come to my senses!

Here’s the thing though. If I allow myself to sink farther and farther into this way of thinking, it’s not going to be good. In fact, it’s really bad.

I’ve had my fair share of meeting people looking for work who didn’t apply to work at say, Starbucks or retail because “it’s beneath them.” I mean, sure, if you’ve applied for said job, and they turn you away because you’re overqualified, then this way of thinking makes perfect sense! But if you’re not even going to apply, or worse yet, you’re in this job and you’re thinking, “Oh, I’m above this,” then I just have to tell you (and by you, I mean myself included) that if you’re really above this job, you would already have a better job.

I thought of a nice list of working retail, at least, until I reach my dream of becoming a full time artist and art conservator.

  1. The hours. Retail for me has been great while going to school. Since it’s not a typical 9-5 job, I can put in my availability that I need Tuesday-Thursday off to go to classes, internships, and that kind of thing.
  2. My coworkers. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some really great people. Especially during the holiday season, knowing my friends at work were going through the same exhaustion and we were all working together has made the ordeal so much easier.
  3. The exercise. As a salesperson, I have to be on my feet and running around helping customers, cleaning the department, and keeping up with everything. I have been able to go to the gym lately, but the holiday season has more or less helped me stay fir through it.
  4. Discounts. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Everything that happens at work, STAYS at work. From what I’ve gathered, several jobs have issues where you have to bring home paperwork, have phone meetings at home, and let’s not forget if you’re a teacher and have to grade papers every moment you have off. You don’t have that in retail. You do your work, you clock out, you go home, and don’t have to worry about it until you go back the next day.

The particular store I work for also has great health, dental, and generous time off.

So, is retail a crappy job? Yes. Sometimes. But if I was really “above” the job I’m at, I would already be working a better job. Now, that being said, after graduation, I will be working harder to find a better job, hopefully, in the graphic design department of the place I work for, but most preferably assisting in the art conservation field. But we’ll see.

Until then, I’m going to work at my retail job, and I’m going to do the best I can!



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